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• 5acres of land with security services.
• Lush green environment having more than 200 Ayurvedic and fruit plants.
• Nest old age home & Naturopathy Centre complex having 20 rooms (every room accommodates 2 to 4 members) and 20 bedded dormitory, common hall, dining hall, kitchen etc.
• Dhyan Kendra (Meditation and prayer hall)
• Physiotherapy Centre
• Panch Karma Centre
• Library
• Sports Field.
• Music Room
• Computer Room
• Separate beds, cupboards and suitable fruniture for individuals
• Morning Tea/Coffee :06.30 am -07.30 am Breakfast with Tea / Coffee : 07.30 am -09.30 am Lunch : 1.15 pm , Evening Tea with Snacks :04.00 pm -04.30 pm , Dinner : 07.30 pm - 08.30 pm, Bed Milk Service : 09.00 pm -09.30 pm
• Housekeeping will look after the cleanliness and hygiene of your room.
• News paper will be available daily on office room,
• Room service after 11.00 am., Hot water is available 24 hours.
• Every effort will be taken to provide you the room of your choice.
• However, sometimes it is possible that the room type requested by you may not be available because it is either occupied or fully booked. In such case, you will be given the next available room.Booking in advance will help us plan for your arrival and us to get your room ready.
• Dietary Services: The diet is an integral part of your holistic recovery therefore, our nutritionists,in association with our doctor, will assess your dietary needs and specify diet instruction. The dietary service to you includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Beverages are served in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.
• Doctor: our Ayurvedic & Homeopathic resident doctor will see you once you are admitted. Doctor makes daily rounds.
• Physiotherapists : Will see you if their service has been advised by our doctor.
• Executive -Operations : The Management people will meet you daily to find out about your suggestions and feedback.
• Nutritionist : Our nutritionist will visit you daily to monitor all your dietary needs. Please feel free to discuss any doubts regarding your diet with our nutrition.