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Forget the clichés associated with retired homes. Live life your way. Create a way of life that is entirely your own.


Let’s get in touch with your private doctor or pharmacy and keep you fit. Your health is our priority.


Tailormade meals. Organic food. Low cholesterol diet. When it’s about taking care of your wellbeing,


Introducing PrimeFit,fitness program managed by professionals who customize care for you.

Special Services

Natural Care

Natural care is a branch of medicine which deals with medical & health problems of elderly people aged above 60years. Natural care program is especially designed to support those patients who have long-term illnesses and which stay with them after they leave ...

Terminal Care

Terminal care is for those whose illness may no longer be curable. It enables them to achieve the best quality of life especially during the final stages of their illness. The focus of Terminal care is to ensure the comfort of every patient during his final stages of life.

Doctors Visit

Nest old age home provides a unique facility for senior citizens, especially those who are very old and have difficulty in attending regular hospital OPD's, where the Doctors visits the patients at their residence at a time mutually agreed.


60 is the new cool. Modern seniors are aging with new vigor. And retirement homes are not about institutional meals and poky apartments anymore. we are redefining the norms of assisted living.

The new generation of 60-somethings is challenging the dynamics of retired life. They are far more independent, financially stable and have modern lifestyle needs. At Nest old age home, we stay ahead of the times. Giving a contemporary edge to senior homes, we are turning over a new leaf in retirement homes.


Nest old age home & Naturopathy centre offers arange of rooms to suit your need and comfort levels. The different categories of room / bed availablein the old age home are....